Heriteller3D is a new concept for storytelling in Cultural Heritage Virtual Environments. It opens immense possibilities for communicating your project to the wider audience with a simple and intuitive method. If you play video games then you will have no problems using it, if you do not play video games you better start!

Instead of relying on specific software and specialists in order to insert simple information and stories into your virtual environment, Heriteller3D gives the possibility of automatically inserting and retrieving your information from your historical/archaeological database and to transform them into a simple stories for the public.

What it is

A simple  annotation and storytelling platform in a virtual environment. It can be though as wiki platform for annotating 3D objects and for creating virtual tours as well as many other advance features.

What it is not

Heriteller3D is not a 3D modelling software neither a 3D GIS system (you can choose your preferred software for modelling your environment and data).

It is not a research based software, although you could use it to view the information contained in your database.

It is not a 3D Engine, we use Unity3D as a developing platform and we export your project ready for you to annotate and to create virtual tours.

Who is it for

Archaeologist, Historians, Architects, Museums curators and all visual storytellers in the field of Virtual Heritage. No special knowledge of 3d software nor 3d engines is required in order to publish your models and their embedded information.

How it works

Heriteller3D has two main parts: the editor interface and the first person explorer (FPE).

We do the work for you by setting up your project. We receive your models in various formats with the accompanying database and we deliver the virtual environment ready to be annotated and edited by yourself.
You will be provided with a login and password and you will be able to edit your information anytime-anywhere. Your project will  always be available for your public with  updated information.

Heriteller3D is still at its very infant stage of research and experimentation so please be gentle with it… Trough the user feedback given by partecipating to our forum and later by responding to our questionnaire that we will send to you, we can improve the platform to give to the interpreters a better working environment and to the public a meaningful and exiting virtual experience! We advice you to have a look at our demo scene (soon available) and start to experiment with it.

We are to help and give you support on any aspect of your project. For any further questions please contact us and we will reply as quickly as possible.